Thursday, January 12, 2017

Safely using Copic Markers in a Bible Journal

Here is a way to add art coloring like Copic Markers with bible journaling.

Sentiment:  What was.. was.  What is.. is.  What will be.. will be.  So live, love and enjoy the moment & take it as it comes.

I wanted to incorporating bold coloring and stamping, but wanted to preserve the thin bible pages.
Here is an easy way to make a tab for when you do not want ink or markers to bleed through to the back side of the bible page.

I have more bible journal posts sharing different techniques and tips crafting with the thin bible pages. 

I made a quick tip video tutorial with this girl.
My YouTube is Gaylynn NeatThingsBtq

If you would like to see a particular crafty technique here, please mention it in the comments.

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Supplies:  Unity What Will Be Will Be, My Creative Bible, Copic markers, paper trimmer, scoring board, double-sided tape and ribbon.  

Have a lovely day.

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