Sunday, July 10, 2016

Choose Joy Bible Journal

Here is another page decorated with water soluble oil pastels.

And here are some of the tools I used.:

The decorating part of bible journaling is still new to me.  I am sharing my trials and errors along the way. 

This was an experiment with another coloring option.  The water soluble oil pastels are lovely for broad color and do not show through to the back side of the page.  They also do not require page prepping and dry without a sticky feel.
Next time, I will use a lighter hand with the oil pastels, dry and then layer colors.
These water soluble oil pastels blend easily with baby wipes.
Just dry between color layers.  The paper wrinkles but can be ironed with a paper liner on each side of the page.

I stamped the Choose Joy sentiment.  The sentiment ink does show through to the back side.  I used a medium grey color.  (A light grey has worked better on other pages.) 
Still exploring better stamp ink options for use with these thin bible journal pages.

The hearts were drawn and colored with regular colored pencils.
However, I prefer watercolor pencils, as they blend easily with a brush and water.

Supplies:  My Creative Bible, Prima water soluble soft oil pastels, Unity stamp Choose Joy with a heart, colored pencils, heat gun and a baby wipe.

That's all for now.  I encourage helpful suggestions along the way.
Have a wonderful day.

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